Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Necron Apocalypse Obelisk

I have always wanted a Necron Pylon from Forgeworld but to be frank, I can't justify the cost. So this is going to be my next best thing.

I took the template for my normal obelisks and enlarged it until the top was the same size as my cyborg monolith. Then I changed the file so that the top of the apocalypse obelisk was flat.

Now I have a model that I can either use as a terrain piece for normal games or as a Pylon if I ever play a game of Apocalypse.

There are a few bugs in the big model but once I have worked them out I will move it to the lasercutcard.co.za web store. This will probably be early next year.


  1. Looks fantastic, I can't wait to get this :D

  2. I want to play a game of apoc now! I also thought that I would take my c'tan shard and have him "counts as" a tyranid biotitan to give him that cool, way-more-powerful-than-I-look feel :)