Thursday, 29 November 2012

R&D November 2012

Here are some of the other projects I have been working on this month. None are ready for production yet - there is always a lot of testing, fitting and recutting involved.

There are more pictures on the facebook site and I generally will update that first so please go "like" it? Something magical is supposed to happen once I get 30 likes... some stats package is unlocked or something... sounds thrilling.

This is modular security fencing. The bases and posts are MDF and the fencing itself card. The MDF parts are fine, lots of problems with the card parts.

This is the base for the chaos ikon cannon but it can also be used as a chaos statue plinth (the kit will have both options). By far the most detailed kit I have done so far but having the concomitant high number of design flaws that have to be addressed. 

This is a site office to go with the containers. This has some minor bugs but nothing hectic. It is the closest to going into production. It has been sent for another test cut. One thing that worked well was the stairs.. you can slot the bases between them so that the models can be posed half way up.
The door opens on the landing and the roof is removable. There is also a removable trapdoor in the roof.

There are more pictures on the facebook site.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I have set up a FaceBook page for Laser Cut Card here:

It's not going to replace the blog, only complement it. It will only have content relating to Laser Cut Card but it will have more pictures than I put on the blog. I will also be putting more R&D pics on the facebook page for feedback.

So please "like" the Facebook page if you are on Facebook.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Chaos Barricade Set (Complete)

This weekend I got some paint on my chaos barricade set.

I was originally going to paint it totally nurgly but in the end I toned it down and went for a more generic rusty  chaos look. I added some 100s&1000s to some of the pieces to represent nurgle growth and I also added a few rivets made from shavings of styrene rod (Evergreen styrene).


The painting was dead easy and took all of an hour. I followed this extremely handy guide on painting rust:

The only thing I did differently was add a final very light drybrush of light tan to bring out some of the details.

The top one is my favourite... the detailing really turned out better than I hoped.

I am now working on some sort of gun mount so that I can have the option of a quad cannon.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Chaos Barricade Set

 Exciting... dare I say "chaotic" times! I got the final production test cut back from the laser people today and have spent the last hour assembling it.

I am extremely happy with how this has turned out. I have changed the design three times since inception and  it has been worth the effort.

The barricade has the same number of pieces as the GW kit in the same lengths (4 short, 4 long)

It can be arranged however you want.

What is cool though is that there are now six different designs (two of each) incorporated and there is detail front and back.

Some of the designs are quite intricate and I am looking forward to painting this up.

These are the joining pieces that are used to create the long sections.

I am still waiting for the invoice to come from the laser cutters but I think it will be only slightly more than the cyborg one.

It should be in the shop ( tomorrow.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Cityfight table - complete

I managed to put in a few hours this weekend and am now the proud owner of an 8' x 4' modular city fight table.

Obviously it needs some scenery but I am very happy with how this has turned out.

Storage space is at a premium at my house so this board has to be stored stacked. This means that  no surface detail (like piles of rubble) can be permanently attached to the board.

Rather, as a separate project, these will be modeled on their own bases so that they can be added when needed.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Necron Objective Markers

I played a game of 40k recently that required objective markers that had variable points.

After scrabbling around with pieces of paper and a pen I decided to make my own.

These are cut from two layers of 1mm thick cardboard glued together.

The top layer has a generic glyph on it.

The bottom layer has the points value of the objective in decimal and in binary.

If the font looks familiar, it is a freeware version of the Terminator font. 

How could I not use that?

*Edit* These have been added to the web store here:

Monday, 12 November 2012

Cityfight table (WIP)

This is an old project that I have finally got round to putting more work into.

It is a modular cityfight table that can be arranged in many different ways to give different layouts.

The table is laser-cut from 6mm MDF in two layers (so the pavement / building areas are 12mm thick).

The table is made up of two types of tiles, each one 2' x 2':

These can be arranged in a number of different ways to make a 8'x4' table.

Depending on how they are laid out, there can be a lot of area terrain in the middle of the table or there can be a lot if roads.

I'm looking forward to getting it painted as I want to try it out. I made a start painting it this weekend but the pictures were not great so I'll wait until I can do them properly.

Once this is done, I am hoping it will spur me on to finish all the building projects I have that are half started.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Necron Quad Cannon (Kit)

I took the jump and had a crack at painting the cardboard up as a crystal. 
I think it worked well enough to be doable.

These models are relatively uncomplicated in terms of cut time so I am offering them as a twin pack. 

You get two models in the pack and each one can either be assembled with the crystal or with the flat top.

Friday, 2 November 2012

Necron Obelisk (Kit)

I finished painting the obelisks last night.
I will probably use them as mysterious objectives in games where you never know what the thing is going to do until you get near it.
They are up in the store as a twin pack (two per set).

Shipping containerd (kit)

The shipping containers are done and turned out better than I expected.

They are available at the store in packs of three at