Monday, 12 November 2012

Cityfight table (WIP)

This is an old project that I have finally got round to putting more work into.

It is a modular cityfight table that can be arranged in many different ways to give different layouts.

The table is laser-cut from 6mm MDF in two layers (so the pavement / building areas are 12mm thick).

The table is made up of two types of tiles, each one 2' x 2':

These can be arranged in a number of different ways to make a 8'x4' table.

Depending on how they are laid out, there can be a lot of area terrain in the middle of the table or there can be a lot if roads.

I'm looking forward to getting it painted as I want to try it out. I made a start painting it this weekend but the pictures were not great so I'll wait until I can do them properly.

Once this is done, I am hoping it will spur me on to finish all the building projects I have that are half started.


  1. This looks like it is going to look fantastic

  2. Awesome design! I am amazed at how versatile those two boards are. I cant wait to see them with some ruins on them.

    Maybe I have a project for after my battlefield is completed.

  3. Thanks guys. The pain job should be finished this weekend and I will shoot it with some of the city scenery I have.

  4. Could you publish some templates so we can make our own?

    1. I would also love it if the measurements could be posted, I am recreating this board soon myself.

      Really great concept and excecution