Thursday, 31 May 2012

Chaos Space Marines

The nurgle terminators, lead by Typhus

Some very old converted predators

4 squads of seven plague marines. A few arms are missing but they are all in the box.

Chaos Daemons

This is everything painted at the moment (including the chaos space marines)

The daemon HQ including my scratch-built spawn for those all important transmutations :)

These are my soulgrinders - nurgle-infected brass scorpions. Scratch-built.

My three blight drones (scratch-built)
Placeholder... need to upload pics


The necrons as they stand at the end of May 2012

A nice core force, waiting for all the exciting new models to be added :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


I inherited a few small ork armies over the year and decided to start painting everything when Assault on Black Reach came out and I got those orks.

So this is where my ork army stands at the moment.

And here's a quick run through of all the existing units.

The core of the army is the infantry... 2 squads of 30 with choppas, 1 squad of 30 with shootas and two squads of 30 grots.

Here are some detail shots of the main ork units.

Checkboyz (they all have black and white checks on their shoulders to identify them)


Shoota boyz

Supporting these are:

Da Big Gunz

Burna Boyz


Deffkopta with buzzsaw


Kommandos (copied from someone else on teh intrawebs)



Trukkboyz detail

Warboss Krankshaft

Shokk Attack Gun

Mad Dok Grotsnik

66th Bahamutian (Cadians)

Apart from all the Valhallans, I also have a small collection of the old metal Cadian Shock Troopers.

These were inherited from a someone who left the game, and were painted for that person by Jason Juta ( when he was a struggling artist and took painting commissions for extra cash (long before he became all famous).

I have one platoon, with three squads.

In the field, Lieutenant Hubal is in charge.

Jason's painting brief was "make them look like futuristic SS troops". Mission accomplished, I think,

Sunday, 20 May 2012

24 Romanov Rifles (Valhallans)

The army I have collected longest is the Imperial Guard, and of the many models available my largest collection is of Valhallan Ice Warriors.

Rebranded the XXIV Romanov Rifles in my own games, this army is entirely metal, and the first squads were bought in 1990.

Currently the army is organised into a command HQ with five heavy weapon squads, plus 3 infantry platoons, each comprising a command squad plus four infantry squads.

This is the entire infantry component of the army.

The Command HQ - Captain Nicolai Kasmaranov, Commissar Ivana Karbanov√° and Commissar Yarrick.

The Romanov Rifles mortar section. Motto: "LOS is for Losers"

First Platoon, lead by Lieutenant Bondarenko

Bondarenko is kept on the straight and narrow by Commissar Molotov and Father Leontev

Second Platoon, lead by Lieutenant Novokov

Novokov personally loads the bolt pistol of Commissar Pechenkin (sometimes with live ammunition, if the enemy is not too scary). Father Sadova turns a blind eye.

Third Platoon, lead by Lieutenant Dubkova

Dubkova has the support of Commissar Brezhnev and Father Asimov

This is the basic standard of painting for the army. I'm very proud of this considering that there are close to 180 models.

One final pic... of a converted flamer with OSL flames.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Nurgle Spire of Sputem: April 2012

This is a piece of Nurgle scenery. It is a core of expanded polystyrene covered with polyfilla. The baby faces are made from plaster of paris, cast off a toy. The spew is resin and clear epoxy.

Necron Obelisk: Before 2012

A necron obelisk built for Terragenesis

Scratch-built Plague Scorpion: Before 2012

This is a Nurgle version of the Brass Scorpion of Khorne, made from putty and cardboard with some gubbins.
In normal games, it counts as a Soulgrinder