Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Quad Gun

If you can't own the skies you can at least deny them to everyone else.

This is a quad gun made from MDF, plastic rod and card and is available in the store here:

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Buffel / Moffel Mine Protected Vehicle

This is a project that Steve and I have been keeping under wraps and I am happy to unveil it today. It is our first wheeled vehicle and represents a big step forward for LaserCutCard. This kit, more than anything that has gone before, shows that it is no longer about laser cutting or card, it is about the finished model.

The Buffel is a mine-protected infantry mobility vehicle used by the South African Army during the South African Border War. The Buffel was also used as an armoured fighting vehicle and proved itself in this role. It has been replaced by the Mamba in South Africa, but remains in use elsewhere, notably Sri Lanka.[Wikipedia]

The models are $18.50 each and worldwide shipping is $2.91 for 1 or $4.65 for 2.

If you combine this with the orc glyph pack (which has enough glyphs in it for 2-3 vehicles) then it makes a dandy trukk.

Here is a short clip of the real thing: