Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Chaos bases / objective markers

I did a test cut of some chaos base toppers.
They will come 12 to a pack but you potentially get 24 if you use both the positive and negative forms.

I think they have a lot of potential to replace the standard "sand and white glue" basing options.

I have two designs for now... a generic chaos star (which is a little fiddly and might have to be simplified) and a biohazard / plague one.

I'm interested to see what they look like painted up. We used these ones as object markers last night and they worked perfectly.

Cyborg Obelisk Kit

I did another test cut for the Cyborg obelisk (the new version is the unpainted one).
This one fits together better, has a base and has a thicker cap stone that also has some extra detailing on it.

I don't have a price for it yet but it should come in under $10

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Laser Cut Card (webstore)

Due largely to the very kind feedback I have had on this blog, I have decided to have a go at selling some of the things I make online. If this works, it will take an enormous amount of uxorial pressure off me as "all these dolls you keep playing with" will actually be generating some income.

So the website is here:

The pricing is based in South African Rands but there is an option at the top of the page to show prices in Euro, US Dollar and Pound Stirling. If you change the pricing to one of these, you can pay by PayPal.

If you are in South Africa, you will also have the option of doing an EFT.

I have invested in having a little bit of stock made up (not much as I cannot afford to throw a lot of money at this right now).

There are, at least, ten copies of the "Cyborg Barricade" set going, which I will be picking up on Monday and will be able to post on Monday or Tuesday (assuming - hopefully - that there are any orders).

The direct link to those is :

The only other thing going at the moment are the base toppers... cardboard circles that you can glue to the top of plastic 24mm bases and use either as bases for your miniatures or things like objective markers. There are six designs and a mixed set is available.

Anyway, the cyborg barricade is a test - can this work? If I manage to sell all 10 in a reasonable amount of time, it will prove that there is a market for these things and I will start doing tests of all the other models that at the moment just exist as CAD files.

Thanks again, all of you who have commented...

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Necron Doom Scythe

August really seems to be the month of the necrons. 

After doing all the fiddly bits on the wraiths I thought I deserved a nice simple kit.

I broke out the airbrush for this one in an attempt to try and get some skills with it.

All in all, a fantastic kit and thanks to the airbrush, I managed to paint it in one day.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cyborg Obelisk

I've done a prototype of what I will hopefully be able to sell as a product. A mysterious obelisk glowing (or not) with an unnamed energy source. 
The final version will have a base.
The whole thing is 1mm cardboard, lasercut.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Necron Wraiths Part 2

It has been a slow week for model painting but I have managed to finish off my other three wraiths.

This brings the army total to six and there are no plans to grow this in the near future.

I trided something new with these guys - I used the lasercut bases and gave them a bronze colourscheme with glowing green inserts. I used this colour scheme on the tomb blades weapons and I am going to rebase all the models I have using it. It is also going to be my go-to colour scheme for all the necron weapons.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Necron Tomb Blades

I have been caught up a little in trying to finish the barricade set and so have neglected my painting a little.

The necrons' sole reinforcements this week are three tomb blades.

Notable for me is that this is the first kit I have ever adapted to use magnetised weapons.