Sunday, 30 June 2013

Card models are not weak.

I was going to make the title of this post "Are Card Models Weak?" but then I would have been playing into Betteridge's Law Of Headlines.

I spent a bit of the afternoon doing my first YouTube video to demonstrate that what most people think about card models is wrong.

These are the two models I used for the test. They are based on the generic tracked APC. One has been used to test a chaos vehicle accessory kit and the other was an early test model that I made up with the doors and hatches all open.

These are the models *after* the testing... you can see some damage to the spikes on the top of the chaos on and the top hatch of the ork one broke off (as did the tracks). They were simply glued on again.

Here is a youtube video of the testing.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Container Retail Set

Here's a slightly off-beat modification of my standard shipping containers :)

From the battlefields of the far future to the strife-torn shanty towns of the current age on thing remains constant: man cannot survive on bread alone. Beer is important too.

Introducing the container retail set with a decidedly 3rd world bent: the spaza shop and the shisa nyama.
The "spaza shop" is a small retail space converted from a shipping container. Customers order their goods, be it food, weapons or pirated computer parts,  through the hatch (trust is in short supply).

The "shisa nyama" is a pub / restaurant. When you need a break from the zombie apocalypse, grab a beer and relax on the sun deck above it or take a load off at the two picnic tables.

Both models have removable tops to allow the action to move inside. Keep that shotgun under the counter handy... for close encounters.

The kit is available for sale here:

So these are now companion pieces for my standard containers ( ...

and the container site office

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Artillery pieces

This is a project that has been on the go for a while now. It is a collaboration between Steve, an Ozzie designer, and myself.

This is a new type of kit for LaserCutCard. It combines MDF, card and plastic tubing to create something that no single material could do on its own.

The basic artillery chassis and barrel is the same for all versions: each type has a details sheet that has a custom shield plus some faction-specific details to add to the rest of the gun. The barrels can also be built in various lengths and configurations.

The kit, if assembled carefully, has working mechanisms for raising and lowering the gun and the gun can freely swivel on its base plate. The gun components can be kept separate for ease of storage.

You do not have to glue the gun to the base plate... it can be used to add firepower to your vehicle models too.

The orc version is available here:

The chaos version is available here:

**EDIT** The standard version is here

Standard version

Orc Version

Chaos Version