Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Necron Quad Cannon WIP

This is something I am trying out to see if it can work.
I want a quad cannon to go with my defense line and have been using the square obelisk up till now.
I thought it might be cool to have a big crystal on the top to represent some sort of firing mechanism.

Of course I will have to see what this looks like painted up as the "crystal" is cardboard and will have to be painted rather sneakily to look like crystal but still... the idea is there and I think it is a worthwhile "counts as".

Necron scenery - obelisk WIP

This is a WIP for a new piece for my Cyborg range that fits in well with Necrons.
It is modelled on Cleopatra's Needle and will probably be available in packs of 3 or as singles.

I want to paint it up first to see how it looks but will probably have it in the web store (http://www.lasercutcard.co.za) by the end of the week

Shipping container (WIP)

This is the test cut for a 28mm scale shipping container.
I will probably offer these in packs of 3 from the web store (http;//www.lasercutcard.co.za)  but I want to paint this one up first to see what it looks like complete.

The necron warrior shown for scale is 1mm taller than it should be as it has a base topper which adds to the height. This will block LOS to a normal model.

Ammunition Dump

Quick and easy Ammunition Dump (this is the WIP). 

The black things are from a hardware store. They are end stops for some sort of square piping and cost about ZAR1.50 each. The eagles are laser-cut card.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Night scythe redux

It was a fairly productive weekend actually. Not only did I finally finish the deathmarks, I also managed to finish off my second night scythe / doom scythe.
Now to just find the time to play a game.... 


I finally got round to finishing off my deathmark assassins. They have been based on two different styles of base, giving me the option of fielding one unit of 10 or 2 x 5.

The two of five is something I will consider as their ability to mark a unit each will probably come in handy at some stage.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Chaos Barricade Set

The chaos barricade set is finished and almost ready to go into the web store at 

It should come in at the same price as the Cyborg set.

I just need to get this one painted up so that my Nurgle army can use it.

Next up is to design something that can be used as a proxy for the quad cannon.