Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Infinity Office Block paint test 2

We ( are working on a set of buildings designed for the Infinity game system. These are futuristic city buildings made of heavy card. The first building we did was an inner city shop that you can see here:

I made up a test model of the next building... a five level office block

The basic construction is layered sheets of card. For this test we wanted to see if we could add balconies

This is the layering in the normal configuration

Here, a few windows have been cut for the balconies

The same windows are cut into the outer layer

The test balconies are just a single piece of card folded

These are glued on the inside of the building

The balconies from the outside

For the paint test I started out with a blue undercoat using an airbrush

The top left corners of the "windows" were then shaded a darker blue

The bottom right were highlighted with a pale blue

The outer layers were spraypainted gloss white

I then went over the windows with black ballpoint pen to represent the window frames
Access to the building is via three doors at the street level lobby

The roof is accessed by the lift motor room (this is a rough mockup)

The overall effect with some models enjoying the sun

The original paint test is on the right -it is LOT more difficult to paint once the outer layer is glued on.
I started this one but it looked like a TIE fighter so I stopped :)