Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cardboard tank - M113 APC

I've used cardboard for scenery for ages but I have never built a vehicle out of it. I always used hand cut plastic card for vehicles.

Last year though I started a small business selling laser cut cardboard scenery and have found that it is just as strong as plastic and in some ways easier to work with.

The logical next step was to try make a vehicle out of it and I am very happy with how this turned out.

The model can also be built as an open-topped vehicle.

Here are some shots of the unpainted model plus a size comparison with a more well-known kit.

If you would like to buy one, they are in the store. If you buy a pack of 3 they only cost $15 each.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Art Deco Corner Ruins: the first set

Well, I have finally got the first set of art deco corner ruins tested and completed. These are all made from a core of MDF covered with layers of cardboard to give them depth and details

Model BVM1 - a single level ruin

Model BVM2 - a two level ruin

BMV3 - a two level ruin

Model BVM4 - a three level ruin

Here's a back shot of BVM4 so that you can see the interior detailing and the levels. All the pieces have these same interior architectural elements. 

The first floor is just over 3" off the ground (80mm). The other two floors are sligthly less - 65mm - but there is more than enough room to get hands in and move models about.

All these corners come from a single master file that has a fully detailed front and side.

The front has three large door openings and the side has only one plus two windows.

The idea here is that you can use them on their own or you can place them on the corners of a large 12" square.

Each piece has a corner that comprises part of the "front" and part of the "side".
The thing to note here is that 1 and 4 have the "front" piece on the left hand side and 2 and 3 have the "front" piece on the right hand side.

This allows the models to be placed as above to form the footprint of a huge ruined building.

Here you can see 1 and 2 making up most of the "front" of the building.

This is what the building would look like complete.

Here you can see 4 and 2 making up most of the "side" of the building

This is what the side would look like complete.

Finally, here are some tabletop shots

These have taken so much time to finish largely because I wanted to minimise the shipping costs. The great news here is that all of these buildings ship for under $5 each!

They are in the store here:

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Death Guard Land Raider

I was cleaning out the hobby room on the weekend and discovered, as part of an old chaos army I bought ten years ago, a land raider.

It was already made up, everything was glued shut and every single possible piece from the chaos vehicle sprue had been glued on. It had been painted as a khorne vehicle.

The only additions I made was putting some cardboard bio-hazard symbols on the doors

I gave the whole thing two coats of matt black spraypaint, a coat of dark green from the airbrush and then managed to paint the rest of it last night.

In keeping with the blog ethos of "good enough is good enough", the entire paint job took about an hour. It looks great from tabletop distance but obviously won't stand up to close inspection.

But hey... it was "free" and now it is ready to hit the table.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Packing Crates

These are a project I am working on for LaserCutCard... cardboard packing crates and pallets. I got these painted up on the weekend.

The great thing about building multiple copies of something is that I easily identify the parts that are irritating or difficult to build and get to modify the design of the template before they go into full production.

In this case, the pallets were a little too fiddly to build so the production version has been changed to make them easier and faster to assemble.

The set below is in the web store here: 

There also is a bundle pack (buy two, save 15%) here: