Monday, 4 March 2013

Packing Crates

These are a project I am working on for LaserCutCard... cardboard packing crates and pallets. I got these painted up on the weekend.

The great thing about building multiple copies of something is that I easily identify the parts that are irritating or difficult to build and get to modify the design of the template before they go into full production.

In this case, the pallets were a little too fiddly to build so the production version has been changed to make them easier and faster to assemble.

The set below is in the web store here: 

There also is a bundle pack (buy two, save 15%) here:


  1. Identifying the parts which are problematic is why it takes me so long to get my own terrain templates out their, hence the Free Radical Collective 'stealing' them. I'm not sure if folks are happy to find out what doesn't work from a template that needs the kinks ironing out but at least they have something to build.

  2. What is this 'Free Radical Collective' of which you speak?