Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Death Guard Land Raider

I was cleaning out the hobby room on the weekend and discovered, as part of an old chaos army I bought ten years ago, a land raider.

It was already made up, everything was glued shut and every single possible piece from the chaos vehicle sprue had been glued on. It had been painted as a khorne vehicle.

The only additions I made was putting some cardboard bio-hazard symbols on the doors

I gave the whole thing two coats of matt black spraypaint, a coat of dark green from the airbrush and then managed to paint the rest of it last night.

In keeping with the blog ethos of "good enough is good enough", the entire paint job took about an hour. It looks great from tabletop distance but obviously won't stand up to close inspection.

But hey... it was "free" and now it is ready to hit the table.


  1. And it's just made me realise that the Nurgle symbol is the Biohazard symbol! How have I never noticed that before?!

  2. It's because you have never had to come up with an alternative that is IP-free :)