Saturday, 18 August 2012

Laser Cut Card (webstore)

Due largely to the very kind feedback I have had on this blog, I have decided to have a go at selling some of the things I make online. If this works, it will take an enormous amount of uxorial pressure off me as "all these dolls you keep playing with" will actually be generating some income.

So the website is here:

The pricing is based in South African Rands but there is an option at the top of the page to show prices in Euro, US Dollar and Pound Stirling. If you change the pricing to one of these, you can pay by PayPal.

If you are in South Africa, you will also have the option of doing an EFT.

I have invested in having a little bit of stock made up (not much as I cannot afford to throw a lot of money at this right now).

There are, at least, ten copies of the "Cyborg Barricade" set going, which I will be picking up on Monday and will be able to post on Monday or Tuesday (assuming - hopefully - that there are any orders).

The direct link to those is :

The only other thing going at the moment are the base toppers... cardboard circles that you can glue to the top of plastic 24mm bases and use either as bases for your miniatures or things like objective markers. There are six designs and a mixed set is available.

Anyway, the cyborg barricade is a test - can this work? If I manage to sell all 10 in a reasonable amount of time, it will prove that there is a market for these things and I will start doing tests of all the other models that at the moment just exist as CAD files.

Thanks again, all of you who have commented...


  1. Neal, if I played Necrons, I'd be all over this. I will shamelessly promote it both on my blog and at my FLGS to the Necron players there.

    1. Thanks mate...
      I will let you guys know how it goes.

  2. This look amaizing but how much is shipping in US dollars? cant seem to find that info.

    1. Hi Alagard

      Thanks for the kind words.

      If you add something to the shopping cart and then go into the shopping cart, it lets you calculate shipping.
      The quick answer is, the barricade set it $19.36 and then you have 2 shipping options:
      - standard airmail for $3.03 or
      - registered airmail for $6.66 (which I would recommend)

    2. Thanks, may a suggest a gun emplacement? where we can put our own gausss canons or bits, thats the only thing missing.

      Ill be picking one up when I get back from work along with one of the mixed toppers they look great for objectives!

      If you do some "cyborg" (wink wink :P)terrain pices would be great!

    3. Not a bad idea... thanks! Just do the gun emplacement and have it fit a standard GW gun. I will look into it.

    4. It appears there are not shipping options to my country, when I was filling my order the system gave me a warning and a link to contact the store, I left a message asking if they had options to ship to my country, lets wait and see.

      I live in Mexico by the way.

    5. Sorry about that... I have to add each country manually. I have added mexico. Cheers - Neal