Sunday, 20 May 2012

24 Romanov Rifles (Valhallans)

The army I have collected longest is the Imperial Guard, and of the many models available my largest collection is of Valhallan Ice Warriors.

Rebranded the XXIV Romanov Rifles in my own games, this army is entirely metal, and the first squads were bought in 1990.

Currently the army is organised into a command HQ with five heavy weapon squads, plus 3 infantry platoons, each comprising a command squad plus four infantry squads.

This is the entire infantry component of the army.

The Command HQ - Captain Nicolai Kasmaranov, Commissar Ivana Karbanov√° and Commissar Yarrick.

The Romanov Rifles mortar section. Motto: "LOS is for Losers"

First Platoon, lead by Lieutenant Bondarenko

Bondarenko is kept on the straight and narrow by Commissar Molotov and Father Leontev

Second Platoon, lead by Lieutenant Novokov

Novokov personally loads the bolt pistol of Commissar Pechenkin (sometimes with live ammunition, if the enemy is not too scary). Father Sadova turns a blind eye.

Third Platoon, lead by Lieutenant Dubkova

Dubkova has the support of Commissar Brezhnev and Father Asimov

This is the basic standard of painting for the army. I'm very proud of this considering that there are close to 180 models.

One final pic... of a converted flamer with OSL flames.


  1. Very nice work, Neal. Good luck on your quest to clear that pile of lead. I am fighting my own pile.

  2. Painting nids will be Easy! light colour base coat sprayed on, a wash and a healthy dose of dry brush!
    After that just some detailing.

    Go for it!

  3. You give hope to all that fail to paint.