Monday, 19 November 2012

Chaos Barricade Set

 Exciting... dare I say "chaotic" times! I got the final production test cut back from the laser people today and have spent the last hour assembling it.

I am extremely happy with how this has turned out. I have changed the design three times since inception and  it has been worth the effort.

The barricade has the same number of pieces as the GW kit in the same lengths (4 short, 4 long)

It can be arranged however you want.

What is cool though is that there are now six different designs (two of each) incorporated and there is detail front and back.

Some of the designs are quite intricate and I am looking forward to painting this up.

These are the joining pieces that are used to create the long sections.

I am still waiting for the invoice to come from the laser cutters but I think it will be only slightly more than the cyborg one.

It should be in the shop ( tomorrow.


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  2. very cool...thanks for sharing the website has some awesome products.

  3. Styx - it's not a silly question. I get it a lot. The website default currency is South African Rands (R) rather than dollars or euros as all my costs are in rands. By loading everything in rands all I need to do is update the rate of exchange table whenever the currency fluctuates rather than go and reprice every item. So yes, it is a little confusing at first but the currency converter is there (just not immediately apparent)


  4. This is also why the dollar and euro costs are weird... so £2.49 rather than £2.99 - they are direct repricings from a nicely rounded off Rand amount :)

  5. Amazing stuff again mate, nice one, hope Eldar is next on the list :D

    1. Who are these IP-protected "eldar" of which you speak? A barricade set for "space elves" is on the drawing board for next year.

    2. lol, excellent, cant wait to see what you come up with. I have seen this home made one done, looks pretty good, but I think the fins are a bit big, might give you some ideas though:

      Would love a Nid one too, but not sure an organic look would be possible from card :P

  6. Looking good! Also, You've been nominated for a Liebster Award!