Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ammo Dumps and Tarpaulin

Awhile ago I mentioned I had found some cheap little plastic stoppers at the hardware store that looked like ammunition crates.

I finished these off last night and since they are so cheap and easy to make I thought I would share how I did them.

To make them all you need are your crates, white glue, some tissue (for blowing your nose, not wrapping paper) and maybe some string.

Start  by doubling over the tissue and then cutting a piece big enough to mostly cover your scenery. So if the tissue is double-ply then this will give you four layers.

Next, take some slightly watered down white glue and, starting at one end, dab it on to the tissue, pushing it on to any surface detail and trying to get it to hang naturally (tarpaulin is quite heavy)

Near the end, fold back some of it so that you don't cover up all your hard work.

Finally add some string to represent tie downs. The best stuff I have found is this wax cord that you buy at beading places.... anyone who makes necklaces will know where to get it. I glued it down with superglue.

After that, it was just about painting. I painted mine olive drab and then drybrushed up by adding tan.

Simple, fast and cheap.


  1. Nice, I have to try this out at our club...

  2. These are awesome - effective and cheap, everyone should have some in their Terrain box. Will have to have a look out for some similar endstops.

  3. Great work with a fantastic tutorial. Will have a bash at this myself, the tarpaulin affect really stands out. Keep them coming.

  4. Excellent looking piece of terrain mate, love the cover and rope

  5. Greg H sent me a mail with a useful tip: I just saw the Ammo Dumps and Tarpaulin article, and thought that I would pass it on that a heavy waxed thread can be bought at leather working stores ( such as ), and is often available in black and brown, in addition to white. Unwaxed heavy thread of the same weight is also often available.