Monday, 3 December 2012

Hot Tank Action!

I don't get to play that many games so when I do I really like them to try and look good. Part of this is normally "politely requesting" (the rest of my gaming group would probably say "be totally anal about") my opponent having a fully painted and preferably WYSIWYG army.

Fortunately Steph, down from Johannesburg for a year, has a beautifully painted IG mech army and so I hauled my IG - the 24th Romanov Rifles and tarted them up a little.

The main reasons for playing though were:
  • the baneblade
  • the table
The baneblade is a scratch-built kit I made from plastic card when the forge world kit was first released. In all that time it has never been in combat.

The table is something I have been working on in dribs and drabs for the last two years. Some of the pieces on it (the container terminal) are quite new, others date back a while.

I'm going to be making a lot more terrain for this table and it is all going to be art deco rather than gothic. Watch this space...

I have put up a few pictures here but the bulk of them are at the Laser Cut Card facebook page here: (if you are on facebook then please "like" the page - I generally will update it a few days before the blog.

Steph's army: 2500 points of mech IG

My army: 2000 points of Romanov Rifles. I gave Steph a 500 point advantage as I thought the baneblade would be overpowering in this relatively small battle. Boy was I wrong.....

The table in all it's glory. The centrepiece was the skyscraper that also saw the bulk of the fighting.

The container terminal, made up of these parts:

Steph's warlord tank in the ruins of the furniture factory

The baneblade near the ruins of the other factory.


  1. That container piece looks great

    1. Thanks Nick. I have just added the security fencing to the web store here:

    2. Cool, they are perfect for the containers :D

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  3. Great stuff, the container scenery turned out well.

  4. Did you build that skyscraper yourself? Looks ace!

    1. Thanks mate. Yes it is scratch built. I will be doing a feature on it for the blog once I can finish it off - I have been doing it in bits and pieces for over a year