Monday, 17 December 2012

C'Tan Shard

This blog was supposed to be about how I was going to try and paint everything I had that was unpainted. 
It as been hijacked a little by LaserCutCard but that is not to say that I am not doing any "normal" painting.

I always had this model but I did not like the paint job. 

I was painting up some new obelisks and I thought that I would give the C'Tan the same parabronze treatment so that it looks like it is formed from the same material as all the other buildings on my Necron table.


  1. Nicely camouflaged ;D "If you can't see him, you can't shoot him" lol

  2. Thanks guys. It was embarrassingly easy to pai.nt. Two coats of bronze with the airbrush then a light coat of dark copper from the top. Five min tops...