Monday, 29 April 2013

Perspex flight stands

I have decided to address my many frustrations with flying bases by making my own out of perspex.

Before I go any further, these are available for sale in the web store here:

In all cases they are at least half the price of the GW ones.

First up is a 60mm round flying base (this is called the Type 1 base). The blue stuff in the photo is a protective film that comes over the perspex to stop it getting scratched... you just peel it off. 
I am going to use these for my destroyers, tomb blades and anything else small and skimmy.

Next up is the Type 2 base. I am intending to use this for my scratch-built flyers (more below)

Then there is the type 3 base. The same large oval base as the one above but a shorter stand. This is going to be used for my ghost arks and monoliths as it provides a lot more stability

All of the stands have a small perspex tab at the top.

This is to allow it to be slotted into your scratchbuilt kit without having to cut a huge hole in the bottom. The fuselage rests on the crucifix shape and the tab slots into the actual body.

Of course, the crucifix shape is also perfect for mounting magnets on as there is a lot of contact space for the magnet to be firmly glued. 

This is what I have done with mine.

I snapped off the top tab of the Type 1 base and glued on a rare earth magnet. This is a 2mm x 3mm one which is actually too thick but I have ordered some 1mm x 5mm ones that will be perfect.

After that it is simply a case of gluing another magnet to the bottom of the model.

I did the same with the type 3 base

Now my ghost arks are FAR more stable and when the 5mm magnet  arrives I will be converting my monoliths too.

I am using the Type 2 to convert my scratch-built blight drones into proper flyers and might also use them for  flying monstrous creatures.

All three types of base are available for sale here:

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