Monday, 1 April 2013

Ork Trukk (converted tracked APC)

This is an ork trukk conversion based on the generic tracked APC kit. It is based on the open topped version.

WIP shots

I started with the open topped kit and added some ork glyphs and rivets

I scrounged up some bits from the bits box, including something that I hope will look like a monstrous engine.

I made a little engine plate with a belt and glued that onto the back of the engine compartment. Having the orky upgrade engine extend into the passenger compartment felt right.
I did not want to model the legs of the driver so I blocked off the driver compartment with another glyph.

The engine was mounted sticking out of the compartment (da normal wun wuz too weedy)

For painting, I started with a matt black spray overcoat.

After that, two different airbrush coats went over this in two different reds so that the coverage was not homogeneous.

It was then drybrushed and a dark brown wash applied to all the plate edges.


  1. Ooooh....Nicely done mate! Like how this turned out.

    1. Thank you Lord S... the chaos one is under construction :)

    2. As soon as I get mine you can be sure I will convert one right away into a chaos ride!