Sunday, 16 September 2012

Chaos Defense Line (WIP)

I got the test cuts for the Chaos defense line back from the cutter on Friday and had to put them together as soon as possible (I rushed them a lot but this was more about doing a test fit and a colour test)

The structure is broadly similar to the Cyborg Defense Line but there are some nice new things in the design.

There are three designs of barricade... one with spikes, one with an asymmetrical wheel and one with a symmetrical wheel.

There are also four different panels, so the idea is that you can mix and match the panels with the barricades.

The backs all have the same design but because if the slightly slanted design, the back won't really be visible from eye level on the table. It is more about making the back interesting to paint.

I only made up three but I think this gets the basic idea across.

There are one or two tiny changes I want to make to the CAD before going into production but it should be ready in a week or so.


  1. Yea some great work and timely!

  2. Thanks guys. The "one or two tiny changes" are basically the small wall at the back that connects the two barricades to make a long section... I forgot to do the CAD for that :P It should be done today.