Sunday, 10 November 2013

Spaza Shops with Salt Weathering Technique

The spaza shops (featured earlier) are a kit available from the LaserCutCard web store. I thought I would try the salt weathering technique on them at the same time as I tried it on the Casspir. The only difference is that I thought I would skip the matt varnish undercoat and see if the card could handle the water with just a layer of paint.

To start off I undercoated them matt black

They then got a coat of Tamiya Hull Red

I then wet them with warm water using a paint brush and sprinkled coarse salt onto them.

Once this dried (overnight) I sprayed the one flat blue and the other flat yellow

I then let them drya nd then scrubbed off the salt with a big dry paint brush.

I love the effect! Now I must avoid over-using it.

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