Thursday, 29 November 2012

R&D November 2012

Here are some of the other projects I have been working on this month. None are ready for production yet - there is always a lot of testing, fitting and recutting involved.

There are more pictures on the facebook site and I generally will update that first so please go "like" it? Something magical is supposed to happen once I get 30 likes... some stats package is unlocked or something... sounds thrilling.

This is modular security fencing. The bases and posts are MDF and the fencing itself card. The MDF parts are fine, lots of problems with the card parts.

This is the base for the chaos ikon cannon but it can also be used as a chaos statue plinth (the kit will have both options). By far the most detailed kit I have done so far but having the concomitant high number of design flaws that have to be addressed. 

This is a site office to go with the containers. This has some minor bugs but nothing hectic. It is the closest to going into production. It has been sent for another test cut. One thing that worked well was the stairs.. you can slot the bases between them so that the models can be posed half way up.
The door opens on the landing and the roof is removable. There is also a removable trapdoor in the roof.

There are more pictures on the facebook site.


  1. Great stuff, I have that Chaos Barricades on my shopping list!

    1. Hopefully there will be a Chaos Defense Line option in the near future :)

  2. Great stuff, love the containers and stairs

  3. I'd add an intermediate landing halfway up the stairs, just so you can easily rest a model there without jamming it between steps, which wouldn't work with many of my super scenic bases. I think it can be donw while keeping the stairs the length of the containers.

    I may have to pick some of these up...